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  • FiberDesignsAnn
    Hi Brenda, I read on this forum that HQ has a new supplier for the Sweet Sixteen light ring. My situation is that I purchased my Sweet Sixteen on January 22, 2012 and about five months later the lights started flickering; going off and back on. By August I called my HQ rep (Richard) and he ordered a new light ring. By the time he received the replacement ring my lights were on again so he told me he would hang on to the ring and wait to hear from me. A few days later the flickering began again and a few weeks later four of the lights went completely out and never did come back on. My rep is one and a half hours from my home and between using the machine professionally every day and having to get a family member to help me deliver it, I have not been able to get up there. I have been using a desk lamp to aid in lighting (terrible substitute). I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and so called Richard. He still has the light ring he ordered around August 18, 2012 and so I made an a
    June 2013