Frances Holliday Alford


Free-Motion Quilt Artist

Frances Holliday Alford is a free-motion quilt artist who is known for brilliant colors, narrative subjects and use of materials in fresh and innovative ways. She learned "the rules" of sewing in school growing up. It wasn't until later that she merged her interest in painting and textiles with the sewing skills she had learned early on. In addition to being inspired by the quilt community, the HQ Sweet Sixteen has become an important part of her creative process, allowing her to layer and build with various types of thread and fabrics, creating beautiful works of art.

Frances studied fine arts as an undergraduate and holds a Master's of Education in Special Education from the University of Arizona. During her many years in the classroom, Frances' art background enabled her to create effective multi-sensory activities for teaching students with various disabilities. Frances finds inspiration in many places. She takes photos incessantly and picks up materials where ever she goes. All of this gives inspiration to her art, and her art gives inspiration to her life.

Watch the video below to hear about Frances' work and process. Learn more about Frances and her work at

Quilt Details

Quilting: Frances free-motion quilts on the HQ Sweet Sixteen®.

Frances Holiday Alford