Handi Ruler Instructions and Information

What can you create with the HQ ruler and template sets? The options are endless!

HQ Rulers were created for use with mid-arm and longarm quilting machines of any brand. They are precision-made from high quality acrylic, chosen for its strength, clarity and durability. The .25” thickness provides safety when used with a hopping foot. HQ Rulers are always etched, never printed, to provide long-lasting accuracy when quilting.



See tutorials on working with rulers or find additional videos on our YouTube channel. There are also a number of DVD tutorials for purchase in the Quilters Academy Longarm Basics series: Five Rulers, Unlimited Designs, Using Circle Rulers, and Using Rulers & Templates.


Using Longarm Rulers and Templates

  • Use ONLY .25 inch-thick rulers with your machine. NO rotary-cutting rulers!
  • Use a ruler base or extended table to give stability to the ruler.
  • Keep ruler flat and quilt only where hand grasp is secure. To avoid losing control, finger walk or stop and reposition the ruler.
  • Apply gentle 3-point pressure to the ruler. (1) Press ruler against any side of the hopping foot. (2) Press machine against ruler. (3) Press ruler against ruler base with only as much force as is needed to keep the ruler from slipping. Too much pressure will keep the machine from moving.
  • The quilting line is approximately .25" away from the ruler edge for most machines. The markings on HQ rulers take this into consideration.
  • Have machine set to stop in needle-down position to keep machine from moving while making adjustments with the ruler.