HQ Infinity Software Downloads

On occasion, we release software updates to introduce new features as well as improve product stability. Please click on the link below to access the software files.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions about installing your new software, please contact Handi Quilter at HQCares@handiquilter.com or 1-877-MY-QUILT (697-8458).

Please read the items below carefully before downloading and installing the software. Only Infinity machine software should be used for updating an Infinity machine; using non-Infinity update files may render the Infinity non-functioning. 

Infinity Machine Software Version 2.85 (file QM51057-2_85.s19) addresses the following:
  • Improves thread break sensor: changed from 5 stitches to 10 stitches with no thread break sensor trigger before sounding the thread break alarm
  • Fixed extra stitch when stopping in cruise mode
  • Fixed needle up/down button doesn’t always do a half stitch (moves a small amount) 
  • Port from NXP CodeWarrior development system (earlier GNU Arm C cross compiler) to NXP Kinetis Design Studio development system (newer GNU Arm C cross compiler)
  • Fixed problem with Flash programming from USB memory stick
  • Removed communication protocol message resends – possibly causing issues with Pro-Stitcher
  • For Pro-Stitcher – changed to have no X/Y carriage location messages sent to Pro-Stitcher if machine is running.  When machine is idle and Pro-Stitcher has turned on location polling, then location messages will be sent.

Software Download


Right click on the Click Here and click "Save As" to download.

Click Here to download the Installation Instruction Sheet.

This update is to be installed on the HQ Infinity machine that are using the HQ Pro-Stitcher.

Click Here to download QM51057-2_85.s19 (machine software)

Click Here to download Infinity.48.apk (front and rear display software)

This update is to be installed on the Pro-Stitcher that is used with an HQ Infinity Machine

Be sure to update your Pro-Stitcher! Go to the Pro-Stitcher updates page for instructions and software for updating your Pro-Stitcher

Pro-Stitcher Software update page


Previous Update Versions Included:

  • Translations into French, Spanish, and German
  • Several performance enhancements
  • Improve tension range
  • Sequence-bug fixes
  • Improved Thread Cutter operation sequences
  • Added new fault messages
  • General software stability improvements

Infinity Machine software:

  • Adjusted Cruise timeout so it stops when moving very slowly
  • Fixed walking stitch
  • Adjusted full-stitch and half-stitch functions, and basting stitch needle speed so the needle doesn’t possibly over rotate

Infinity Display software: 

  • Added buttons for HQ Pro-Stitcher channel lock feature
  • Added HQ Pro-Stitcher vertical and horizontal channel locks as options for configuring the Star and Diamond handlebar buttons