I want to upgrade my setup — what do I need to do?

All of our Handi Quilter machines have features that have been designed to be upgradable. For instance if you purchased an HQ Avante and now want to add the HQ Pro-Stitcher we can help you with that. Maybe you have an older frame and want to upgrade to our new Precision-Glide track and wheel system or perhaps you’d like to add stitch regulation to your HQ Sixteen, we have options available. The following page has the information you need.

Choose your system for upgrade options:

I have HQ Pro-Stitcher and I want to:

Reinstall or upgrade the Classic version of HQ Pro-Stitcher software on my system

Answer: The last release version of the classic software was 12.08.0012 and is available for download here. If you need a previous version of the software please contact us.

Upgrade my Classic HQ Pro-Stitcher software to the new HQ Pro-Stitcher version

Answer: Complete information on upgrading to our new HQ Pro-Stitcher software that was released in 2012 is available here. You may need to purchase a new monitor depending on the version of your current one as older systems won’t work with the newest software release. Please read the documentation for more information on the upgrade package you should buy.

Update my HQ Pro-Stitcher software to the latest version

Answer: New software updates to HQ Pro-Stitcher are always free and are released quarterly. Click here to download the latest version of the software. After download, move the downloaded file to a flash drive and transfer it to your HQ Pro-Stitcher monitor for installation. For more information you can see the current version of the installation instructions here

If you have an older version of HQ Pro-Stitcher you may also need to upgrade your hardware. Older IEI and Lilliput monitors won't work with the new software and you will need to upgrade your computer. Click here for more information on this option.

Add the HQ Pro-Stitcher computerized quilting program to my system:

Answer: The HQ Pro-Stitcher is available for the HQ Sixteen, HQ18 Avante, and HQ24 Fusion. You will receive a new machine carriage, monitor, holding bracket and pre-installed software. We highly recommend that you also have the Precision-Glide aluminum track installed on your system for best results. Most recent machines are set-up to accept the HQ Pro-Stitcher, but if you have an older version of the HQ Sixteen you may need to purchase a new c-pod as well. Please see the section on upgrading the HQ Sixteen for more information.

Upgrade my older system with white tracks to the Precision-Glide track system

If you are running HQ Pro-Stitcher and you want to upgrade to the Precision-Glide system you may need a new carriage. See this document to identify which HQ Pro-Stitcher carriage you have. There are three options. Kit A: A carriage mounted computer, Kit B: a sewing machine head-mounted computer, or Kit C: a sewing machine head-mounted computer for the IEI brand monitor. After reading the document please contact us if you have any questions on which kit you will need.