Janet Cunningham

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I love quilts. I love the fabric. I love the challenge of the different patterns. I love the process of making the quilt. And now I love quilting on my HQ Sixteen. I do not know where my love for quilts began, but I know I have always wanted to quilt. The only quilt I remember in our home while I was growing up was a quilt on my grandmother’s iron bed. Years later when my Mother gave me that almost-worn-out quilt, I learned that it was a quilt made by a group of church ladies for my great-grandfather who was a circuit rider minister in the 1800’s. Day-to-day life happens and my time was taken by other activities and I did not make quilts. My first completed quilt was for our teenage son’s new waterbed in 1990. I have been addicted to quilting ever since! Or, I should say at that time I was addicted to piecing the tops of quilts. I began tying my quilts to complete them. Then I progressed to trying to quilt on my sewing machine. And then I began taking my quilt tops to a lady who had a long-arm quilting machine. Wow! That was a machine I wanted! We did not have room in our modest home for a machine that size so I continued to take my quilt tops to her to be quilted. Several years ago we moved to a different home that has a basement family room which has became mostly my quilting/sewing room – and there is room for a quilting machine! When the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Show came to town, I went to try all the quilting machines. After trying all the different brands and sizes of quilting machines, it was the HQ Sixteen that I wanted. I purchased it that day. The Handi Quilter is so easy to use that it wasn’t long before I was quilting! I could stipple anything! And I could “groove” with my groovy boards! But I was timid about free-hand quilting other than the stippling. My husband encouraged me to go to the Handi Quilter retreats to learn all I could about my new machine. I attended both sessions and learned so much --- thank you Kathi, Cheryl, Hatty, and Vicki for sharing your knowledge! You were all so caring and patient. Stippling, groovy boards, pantographs, rulers, free-hand, trapunto! Wedding quilts, baby quilts, charity quilts, scrappy quilts, doll quilts! Table runners! Quilted vests! Quilting fabric for making tote bags! I can do it all! I can quilt day or night! Did my love of quilts come from those long-ago church ladies who made my great- grandfather’s quilt? Wouldn’t they have loved to have been able to quilt with a Handi Quilter?!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen

Sisters Quilting

Coletha Porter and Gale Holt

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We dedicated our HQ18 Avante to our Mom, who passed away 4-9-09. She always had a sewing project going; quilts, tailoring, handwork crafts, etc. After sincere thoughts, plans and mostly prayer, we started looking for a long arm. Gale is an artist, art teacher and seamstress, has quilted for years. I (Coletha) had worked as an Radiology Tech for years and did not have much time to sew. After our Mom went to be with the Lord I had this urge to quilt, sew and just watch fabric become a piece of art. I think my Mom moves my mind and heart, she is always with me. Gale has a art studio and room for a long arm, as we talked, prayed about it, we went to the Dallas Quilt Show, March 2010 and looked at all the long arms. Our choice was the HQ18 Avante. We drove many miles to find a shop that had one on display. On March 19, 2010, we purchased our new toy. We love it. There is more to this story about our lives AFTER purchasing a HQ 18 Avante. What a ride! We do all free hand stitching, getting better everyday. Gale is our special stitching artist, she quilts flowers, leaves, trees etc., onto the quilts, things that I can't see. I call my quilting grade school scribble, meandering, stars and loop to loops. Relaxing and fun. We are introducing our younger sister to the HQ now, she helps us sew tops, slashing and borders. Making T-Shirt quilts for those that don't sew. We also put the HQ18 Avante together the day it arrived at the studio, it was a family affair, we three sisters, instruction book and tools. Good job. God is good.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ18 Avante

Sue Fors

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Sue Fors! My HQ Story My story starts in 1998, when my husband had his stroke. I needed to pick up a ‘hobby’ to keep myself not only busy, but close to home. A friend was taking some quilting classes, and shared her new found passion with me. My first quilt was a king size Star of Bethlehem! YOWSER! Did I get bitten by that quilt bug, or what! I had my first granddaughter in November of 1998 and the second one in March of 1999. That gave me two more twin size log cabin quilts to make, and I haven’t stopped since. I love giving the gift of a hand-made (by me) quilt to others. But, my biggest issue was pushing and pulling, tugging and stretching those big quilts inside my old machine that had only a 5” throat! We’ll now fast-forward to 2004, when I bought my first ‘long-arm’. It was a tabletop frame, and the machine had a 9” throat. As big as it was, I knew that wasn’t going to work. So, in 2005, I bought the best I could afford; a frame with a machine that was stretched to a 17” throat. I battled through the tension issues, skipped stitches and thread breaks. I really thought this was all part of the quilting process. Last Spring, my dealer talked to me about the HQ18 Avante’. When I went in to ‘play’ on it, I noticed the HQ24 Fusion. It felt awesome! But, what really convinced me to make this purchase (apart from the excitement), was the service and support that my dealer offers. They are only a phone call away, and have an HQ Support Group every month. We get to show-n-tell, troubleshoot our issues, and there is always an informative lesson planned. I have loved owning this machine during the last year so much; that this year I added the ProStitcher. Having the Handi Quilter has not only made my quilting easier, but it has made me a better quilter!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ24 Fusion

Elizabeth Kretzer

Scott's quilt

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A couple days ago I was in the process of finishing quilting, an over size queen, quilt for a friend his wife started a few years ago. At the very end of the quilt, my HQ24 Fusion with HQ Pro-Stitcher stopped working, computer went dead. I did all the checks and read the manual back to front and front to back. Finally I called the HQ help line and Mark called me back in just a few minutes. Mark walked me through all the different things that could be wrong, then he had me look under the carriage to find the male and female hook that went to the computer, it had worked loose and as soon as I tighten it the machine was back working. This quilt has been a work of love for right after I started working on it, I came down with pneumonia, then had to have lung surgery, and his wife passed away. Now I am back to quilting and enjoying my HQ24 Fusion with HQ Pro-Stitcher. Thank you for all the help lines and online forms.

I own the following HQ machines: HQ24 Fusion, HQ Pro-Stitcher

Janneke Van der Ree

Jasper(9) with his charity quilts

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I started quilting to get to know people when I moved to the States 16 years ago. I loved and still love it. All my first quilts were handquilted, there was no way I could fit all that fabric under my then sewing machine.My first machine was from England so I had to log a huge adaptor (to convert the 220 to 110 volt) with me whenever I went to classes.Then I bought a machine from a friend.This machine only sewed backwards after a while. Time to get serious.I bought my first machine with all the bells and whistles. My productivity increased, and since I made hundreds of baby/child size quilts for Quilts for Kids, I managed quilting on my machine. When I started making custom quilts and big school projects I needed something bigger.And I fell in love with the HQ Sweet Sixteen. Perfect fit,sit down sewing and affordable. My 10 year old started practicing on it and is ready to quilt his self pieced quilts.I had to laugh about the name; Sweet sixteen. My daughter (now 18) commented: why did you get a big sweet sixteen present, and I did not. My next adventure will be working with the HQ Sixteen quilting machine as an instructor. I can not wait.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sweet Sixteen