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My HQ story started in June 2001. I had retired from my "job" of 31 years and I decided, on the urging of my sister, to "take up quilting". Well, that was the beginning of my new "career"!!!!
I started quilting that summer and I have not stopped...I have finished every single quilt I started (except for one!) in the last 9 years. I was quilting on my domestic sewing machine for the first 3 years. Then in 2004, my sister's 50th birthday was approaching and of course what better present for her than her own queen size pink flamingo quilt!!! I had it finished in plenty of time, it was July and her birthday was in September. I called my "quilt lady" and she said she couldn't do it until October!!! I went to my local quilt shops and I pick up a few cards from area quilters and not one could do the quilt in time. So, back to my domestic sewing Machine...lots of fun doing a "Queen"!!!
After that experience I decided I would look into a "Longarm" machine as I was tired of "Quilt Wrestling"!!! My "quilt lady" was offering a class on her Gammill, so I decided to check it out. In a two day span I actually "Quilted" about 10 minutes, but that was enough for me. One of the women who also took the class had a Handi Quilter and was very happy with it. I had been investigating the different machines and trying to decide which one would be best for me. And price was one of the considerations. I also needed a machine that I could bring back and forth to Florida, as I spend half the year there. I found the Handi Quilter in a magazine and I loved the "look" of it: clean, white and medium sized. It was love a first sight!
OK, so now I say to my husband, I want to buy a "quilting machine" and it cost about $7,000!!! Well....if you could have seen the look on his face... "What are you nuts?", he said. I, of course, said, "No, I intend to pay it off in one year quilting for other people". And I did, only it took about 13 months, not 12. More and more quilts kept coming.
My husband had been running his own business for about 20 years, with my help of course. So the natural course of events would be for me to follow in his footsteps. And "Kindred Quilting" was born!!!
I have been working on my Handi Quilter for almost 7 years now. I have literally quilted hundreds of quilts in that time frame. I feel that I have been truly blessed by being able to use my Handi QuilterR and create such beautiful quilts. Longarm quilting has become my passion and my joy!!! I wake up every day excited by the prospect of what I am quilting today!!! It is virtually the best possible "career" for me now. I can do it at home, at my convenience and on my own schedule.
Today, if I'm not running my Handi Quilter my husband says, "I don't hear "it" running"!!! You would think it was his idea to get the Handi Quilter!!! And this past Holiday Season he actually learned how to mount a quilt to the leaders and hand sew the binding for me!!! Before you know it I may have him running it himself!!!

The Handi Quilter company has been a joy to work with as well. I can't say enough about their service, (especially Greg) and the entire staff of Handiquilter have always taken that extra step! I have recommended the Handiquilter to anyone who asks...my dream is to own an HQ18 Avante one of these years!

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