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I have been quilting for about 40 years. Most of that time I hand quilted
all my quilts. That really slowed me down because I have a strong need to
finish things. I couldn't just keep making tops when I hadn't finished.
Now in my 70's I began to have trouble with arthritis in my hands so I
shifted as many things from hand to machine techniques as I could. As
smaller quilting setups came onto the market, I started to experiment with
them. I could finish a lot more quilts.
From the first time I saw the HQ and tried it out at Pacific International
Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California, I knew I wanted one. I just
couldn't figure out how to afford one. Finally, three years ago, one of my
quilting friends agreed to buy one with me. I was so excited and started
the arrangements with the dealer but my friend changed her mind and backed
out. I was so disappointed. At the beginning of the following year I
retired and decided to figure out how to buy one. I got a credit card with
0% interest for a year. I found a dealer on the internet in the midwest who
was selling a demo model of one of your early machines before the 2007 model
came out. I bought it.
I am in heaven. I finish a quilt most every week from fabric to quilted and
bound and also quilt for some friends and one of our guild outreach groups.
I do quilts as fundraisers for my daughter's two Montessori Pre-schools made
with blocks created by the children themselves. I have taught 3 of my
grandchildren to quilt and they make gifts for the large extended family
every Christmas. I now teach 4Her's to quilt. Most are between 9 and 11.
The youngest was 7. They complete their projects themselves from selecting
fabric, cutting, sewing to finally quilting on the HQ. It is the promise of
getting to drive that big machine that gets them hooked. They love it and
dance with glee when they get their finished quilt off the frame and see
what they can do. They get to show their work at the county fair and at our
quilt guild show.
Thank you so much for your well designed, easy to use machine and the great
tools you have developed to go with it. No matter how long I live, I will
never be bored. Now that I can complete things faster my imagination just
goes faster. There are always 5 or 6 projects waiting in the wings or on
the design wall for their turn.
For a long time the nearest dealer was in San Mateo but I see that now Ray's
is carrying the HQ. I am glad. He helped me get my machine and frame
together even though he did not carry your machine at the time.

I own the following HQ machines:

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