Janet Cunningham

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I love quilts. I love the fabric. I love the challenge of the different patterns. I love the process of making the quilt. And now I love quilting on my HQ Sixteen.
Like many quilters, I began by tying my quilts, but tying did not complete my quilts the way I wanted them completed. Soon I was attempting to quilt using my home sewing machine, but, again, that was not for me. I started taking my quilts to someone to be quilted and was instantly mesmerized by the magic of a long-arm quilting machine. I watched as my quilt came alive and I immediately wanted to have my own quilting machine. Our modest home did not have space for one...that is until a few years ago when we moved to a different home with a basement. The "family" room immediately became one-third family room and two-thirds quilting room! My quilting machine was purchased before the furniture for the living room was purchased.
Now I can quilt any time, day or night. I currently quilt my own quilts for family, friends, and charity. Every quilt is special. I have made cards to go with the quilts I have given as a gift that say "One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by LOVE".
Top 10 reasons for owning a Handi Quilter
10. Looks good in my sewing room
9. HQ affordability
8. Fun, fun, fun!
7. Meeting new friends at machine quilting events
6. Cheaper than a psychiatrist and better for me than chocolate
5. HQ support
4. Creativity
3. HQ quality, dependability, and is so easy to use
2. Making memories
1. No more whining, pleading, and begging to my previous long-arm quilting lady, “I know it is Thursday afternoon, but the wedding is Saturday, and I need this quilted by tomorrow so I’ll have time to put the binding on!”

I own the following HQ machines:

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