Chris Poehlman

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I knew when I retired from my job after 34 years, I would need something to do to keep myself busy and my mind active. I walked into one of the large fabric/hobby/craft stores and saw a sewing and embroidery machine stitching out an American Flag. This was the day after the World Trade Center attacks. The computerized aspect of the machine hooked me and I thought I had found what I wanted to do.
After a year of learning that machine and the software, I was again looking for something and decided to take up quilting. I loved it and in the first year made quilts for my husband’s side of our family for Christmas doing stitch in the ditch using my domestic sewing machine.
We went to a guilds quilt show and I saw a B Line table-top quilting frame with a Juki being demonstrated and knew that was just what I needed to add to my enjoyment of quilting. I bought the set up and brought it home. After letting it sit in the boxes for almost two years, I finally had enough nerve to set it up. I loaded my practice muslin and started to practice, with my husband encouraging me the entire time.
It wasn’t long before I decided that I needed more space to quilt with and I ordered an 18 inch throat machine from the same company that my frame was made by. When it arrived I was so disappointed, I sent it back and stopped using my quilting frame. You see I didn’t like hand guiding the machine and I was discouraged.
Well, I knew I still wanted to do quilting on a frame, I had lots of tops pieced and just waiting that I had made for charity and I did not want those to just continue to sit so I started looking again.
I went to the first International Quilt Show in Long Beach, California and tested all of the manufactures machines and kept coming back to Handi Quilter. I talked a blue streak to my husband about all of the features of the machine and how much I wanted it. When I explained the features of the HQ Pro-Stitcher and how it would work just like my embroidery machine because it was computer guided he was sold too. He knew this was the set up for me and was just as excited as I was when he watched me program and stitch out patterns on all of the quilt tops I had been saving to do someday. He loves to invite our neighbors to come over when I am quilting so they can see my wonderful machine stitching away “hands free.” He knew all along that I would not be happy with a machine and frame that I had to “drive” myself; I just never realized that a computer aided quilting machine was within my reach and when he said “buy it”, I was thrilled.
Thank you Handi Quilter for making my quilting dreams come true.

I own the following HQ machines:

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