Willene Smelcer

Southern Gospel Singers Ties Quilt

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My HQ Story started after I went to a quilt shop that had an old large quilting machine, and I saw right away, it would wear you out and that you were your own stitch regulator. My husband had already shown me the HQ Sixteen, which was just out on the market, and my friend and I thought it was out of our budget. Paducah had their quilt show and my husband took us to see this machine along with others, one in particular he had to pay $8.00 just to see it and he was very upset. We had never seen a show of this magnitude and we were very overwhelmed. So my husband just dragged us through it. On the way home (4 Hours) we discussed and later looked on the Internet again and called a dealer in Olympia, Washington and secured the machine at the show price. My husband built my table and I loved it. The machine arrived and I started out just meandering and then I would just get so messed up and get the machine out of whack. I'd have to walk off and let my husband adjust everything. I finally conquered all those bugs and got a new update that took out a lot of bad habits. I almost named it Jezebel. My partner couldn't master the machine so I bought her part. After a few more updates and years of seeing each other everyday, we had finally had a good relationship. I heard a rumor that the HQ Pro-Stitcher would be out in late November and by Christmas we had purchased it and was very anxious to start a new chapter and year. It has made my life much easier and all the women around me have beautiful quilts to brag about. In fact a show quilt I did was really a piece of art, because of the quilting and others said the quilt wasn't bad either. I really like this machine. Know her so well and she is so dependable. I now have quilted my last quilt on her and it's as good as new. I have just bought the HQ24 Fusion w/HQ Pro-Stitcher and I am sure there will be many more stories and a lot more learning. God has truly blessed me and given me a great machine at a good price.

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