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Nancy Reeves
After my husband's retirement from the Air Force, many moons ago, we settled in Northwest Florida. He found a new career and I twiddled my thumbs. I had always done all kinds of needlework such as knitting, crocheting, had taught needlepoint, but had never learned quilting. So, I took lessons which were all by hand and I loved it. I made dresden plate pillows out the ears but then lost interest. I had never made a quilt and gave it up.
Many years later, I became a Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus and decided to try quilting again-on the sewing machine this time. I went to workshops at our Annual Institutes of Project Linus and learned to cut, piece, layer, stitch in the ditch, and bind my quilts and that was it. At our Institute in 2009 I saw Mark Hyland, who I had met the year before, standing by some interesting looking machines that I had never paid any attention to before.I thought to myself that they looked like fun. I fell in love with the HQ Sixteen Sit Down model and knew I had to have it. It was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. When it arrived at our home, I thought, what was I thinking? I could never learn to use that thing! I'm not a good enough quilter to begin with and I'm
slow and rather unsure of myself. Well, Suzanne's Quilt shop in Moultrie GA, the closest dealer to our city, came all the way to my house to show me how to use it and to tell me all about the machine. When she and her husband left to travel home, I thought I must be nuts;it's more than I can handle since I'm by no means an excellent quilter. Suzanne had told me the secret--PRACTICE! Then PRACTICE some more. Now, after one year, I'm out of the "stitch in the ditch" mode and I can "meander, do sprials, and zigzags" like nobody's business. Suzanne gave me confidence and treated me like a top of the line quilter!
Andy, my HQ Sixteen, is shiny bright, user friendly, and has become a wonderful addition to our home. He knows I'm not a real fast quilter so he has a digital sewing speed regulator that I can set to my speed--slow! He is patient when I'm trying to get my tension just right, and he knows when I need to practice more; his stitches show me. Whatta guy! I love my HQ Sixteen Sit Down machine and I firmly believe Andy loves me. If only he could cook! But wait, maybe there's an accessory for that.
I own the HQ Sixteen Sit Down Model.

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