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Once upon a time I went to the Lowell Quilt show to see if there were any quilt machines I could try out, I had been quilting for years on my domestic machine and it was becoming physically stressful on shoulders. I had checked out a few machines at shows but never tried the HQ Sixteen. We (my fabulous husband) and I were strolling around and saw the machine in action, I got the chance to try it out and was so surprised and pleased at how easily it handled. Now I was thinking I really “need” this machine, but thought it’s more than I was planning to spend, but I would think about it. A few weeks later I went to the Quilt shop give it another try and once again was wowed, and thought “should I”? When I found out about the one on customer service by the company and the shop I was drooling but decided to wait and think about it some more. We left the shop drove out of the parking lot and as we passed the front of the store my husband stopped the car and said go in and tell them you’ll take it, so as you can imagine I ran in immediately. Harriet now resides in my family room; I have since gotten the table and the prostitcher at my husband’s insistence. Our family room now houses my machine and all my needed items and he now has a tiny corner for his chair and TV, if I ever upgrade he will have to find another room (luckily he wouldn’t mind). I am a very happy camper; I have won 3 ribbons on 2 quilts. I am an avid quilter and now quilt for friends, I really enjoy the looks on their faces when they see their completed quilts. I really enjoy ruler work (much to my surprise) and combine with the prostitcher. I think my favorite part is the incredible customer service we get, whether it’s the tech folks who are amazing and responsive, the instructors or the local support, it just doesn’t get any better! This is my fairy tale

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