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My new HQ16 -Yipee!

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Sew Little Time!
My fascination with long arm quilting began years ago when I first laid my eyes on a long arm at a quilt show. Don’t ask me who the manufacturer was because time has caught up with me but my memory hasn’t. I attend every sewing related show I can afford when one comes to my area. Believe me I see so many long arm machines I lose track of names.
At one such seminar I met a lovely lady that was inviting everyone at her table to come to her house to quilt. At the time I really had not embraced quilting as I have now, because my focus was on embroidery at that particular point in time. However I did go to her house to see if quilting was something I wanted to do; as it turned out I did.
I got very involved with quilting as time progressed. At one quilt show I attended I purchased a kit which was suppose to be a wall hanging that I ended up I turning into a full sized quilt. It was a paper pieced item I was confident I could execute. When it came to quilting it I had to find someone on the internet. When it was completed I was thrilled with the way it turned out. That is when I knew I wanted to do my own in the future.
Mean while my friend informed me her husband had given her a long arm for Christmas which had previously belonged to a friend who had moved away from the area. Boy I was really excited for her and hoped that she would invite me give it a try.
As time pass she let me look at it and that was it. Eventually she confessed that the machine really intimidated her and she was considering selling it. Had my luck changed? Was I finally going to get to try out her machine? Nope! She told me how much she wanted for it and I just couldn’t justify that price on a used machine I wasn’t even able to touch.
I began to investigate long arm machines in earnest. Would you believe the lady who quilted my very first quilt had become the sales rep in our area for my friend’s particular long arm brand? I went to her for advice.
She asked me some very important questions about the machine, like, who the previous owners were, and what the maintenance was. When I gave her the information I could find out, she told me how old the machine was and that it had no maintenance record. Her advice was to reconsider that machine, or try to convince my friend to sell it for less so I could bring the maintenance record up to date. Well, well, my friend then decided not to sell her machine after all. OH WELL! It was just NOT meant for me.
As luck would have it an ad was placed in our guild news letter about a long arm for sale at the price that fit my budget. I called the very next day to set up an appointment to look at ….would you believe it was an HQ Sixteen.
I had to wait about a week to be able to get a look at it. After all this time I would be able to get my hands one and not have to wait for someone to invite me.
Well the rest is history. I became the proud owner of a previously owned HQ Sixteen with all of it’s up to date maintenance history custom built table, bobbin winder, bobbin case tension gauge, enough thread to get started, practice with and a new friend.
Now the rest is up to me, to become proficient with my new tool. Practice, practice, practice. Ah…. Sew little time!
Claudia Norman

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