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I own the HQ Sixteen and HQ Pro-Stitcher.
When I was a kid I was tall and skinny and none of the “store bought” clothes fit me. So at age 13 I began to sew my own clothes so that the sleeves and pant legs were long enough. I always liked sewing and when I was in nursing school we had three machines we could use. The problem being they were always “messed up” whenever I went to use them. So I would spend lots of time getting them running properly so I could sew. I was deemed the ‘one to fix the sewing machines” among the nurses. After I married I continued to sew out of necessity. We did not have much income so I remade a lot of my clothes for clothing for the kids.
Of course having kids meant having special quilt blankets for each of them. I did pretty simple patterns at that time and tied most of them. I remember when my three year olds “blankie” was beyond repair and I worked frantically on the new quilt for him. He was tired and wanted to take his nap with his “blankie”. I finally finished the new quilt and had him watch as I put the old one inside as batting. Happily he took the new blankie to his bed. However he soon began to wonder where his old one really was and cut a hole to look and see if it was really there!
Over the years as I had more children (four) and living on a ranch, I was the right hand man for my husband so I had less time to devote to quilting. But still I would produce a quilt now and then. I made denim quilts for each of the kids. I wrestled all that weight and bulk under my domestic machine. Most of the quilts I made were KING sized! No wonder I finally had to have shoulder surgery!
Several years ago one of my friends called to tell me that her friend had a long arm for sale and would I be interested. The price seemed a bit high to me at the time. She called several months later and told me what the going rate was then. I decided that it was too good a bargain to pass up. So I drove 400 miles to my friend’s home to “look” at the machine. I tried it out and soon the friend’s husband was helping me to put it into my car for the trip home.
Once home it was a dilemma as where I was going to put it. But after some contemplation we decided to turn one of our guest rooms into the “quilting room.” The first time I put a quilt on the frame ( of course having to redo it several times and look at the video several times as well) I could not believe how wonderful it was to quilt!! Even my husband had to admit that was the way to go!
When the HQ Pro-Stitcher became available I knew that was the way I wanted to go. I sold my original table and we set up the new one and found it did indeed fill the room! Everyone who sees my quilting room is aghast at the size it.
I do some quilts for others but just enjoy doing my own quilts. I have always been of the belief that if I sewed it together I should quilt it as well. I am now in the process of making lap quilts for the 75 residents in the local nursing homes. So I am getting lots of practice with different designs. I truly love my HQ Sixteen who I have named “Liz” after my dear mother-in law who passed away. “Liz” is dependable and a hard worker, just like my mother-in-law was. I really enjoy working on my machine and I would not want to try to do a queen or king sized quilt on my domestic sewing machine again! I probably will never win a prize in a big quilt show but I certainly enjoy the creativity that the HQ Sixteen and HQ Pro-Stitcher gives me.

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