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In November of 2007, my mom took me to the Houston International Quilt Show. I did not quilt at this time and had no interest in it. My mom had been quilting for over 30 years.
So I decided to just tag along. Saw some beautiful quilts and lots and lots of vendors. I was so amazed how large the show was. So as passing through I spotted one that caught my eye. It was a Texas Longhorns Quilt and my step daughter loved the longhorns. It was a simple 9-patch, I thought and my mom encouraged me too, I can do this. Thus, began my sewing adventure. I was then hooked on quilting. I upgraded the old sewing machine. My Mom walked me through most of the piecing of the quilt. She then showed me how to sandwich it together and quilt it on her sewing machine using free motion. I was then hooked on the free motion quilting. My father had passed away and now I had extra time on my hands so I decided to join once a month club. I continued to put all my quilts together on the floor and quilt them on my sewing machine. Over the year my mom talked to me about long arm quilting. I had no clue what this was. Then I went to another quilt show and saw the long arm machines. I was amazed with what they can do. After 2 years of quilting I had the urge for a long arm. I had looked and test drove many of the different brands, however, they were all way to expensive.
I began to shop around for a long arm. I loved the one at my local quilt shop (Honey Bee Quilt Store). But I was still reluctant to spend that much money on one. Well, one day during lunch I was catching up on my email and noticed one from Honey Bee’s. As I was reading it, I was shocked to see that the one from the quilt shop was for sale. I was so excited. I called them immediately and the machine was now mine. I currently have been practicing with my own quilts and Linus Quilts that I make. So far I have learned how to use the pantographs, groovy boards and stippling. I like stippling the best. My next adventure is to learn how to use the stencils with it. I have yet to take any training class on the machine, except for the training at the quilt shop. I love my long arm machine, it is so easy to work with.

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