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Watching my mom and grandmother quilt a few years back made me feel quilting was something I would enjoy when time allowed. It just happened that about five years ago there was I fabric shop that opened about one half mile from home and they were giving classes, (Need I say any more). Not wanting to quilt alone I got my sister to join me and we tied all our quilts. We soon learned that tying was not something we enjoyed and we sent a few quilts out to be quilted. When we got them back from the quilters I would look at them and wish I could try long arm quilting. After talking it over with my husband I went to MQX and checked out all of the long arm machines. I really liked the style of the HQ Sixteen and found after trying it that it was soon going to be my very best quilting partner so I placed my order before I left the show. After that I did the Handi Quilter retreat in Salt Lake and fell in love with the HQ24 Fusion. So guess what, I now have two very best quilting partners. There has not been a day I have been unhappy with my machines & service since I started with my HQ Sixteen in 2007. So now my sister and my husband who has also joined my sister and I in our quilting journey do most of the piecing and I am mostly about long arm quilting. I am so happy that I am part of the Handi Quilter family. I am the proud owner of an HQ Sixteen and the HQ24 Fusion. Sincerely, Flo Verge.

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