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working on my first quilt

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I have only had my HQ Sixteen for a few months but I am one HAPPY QUILTER! My husband's mother taught me to quilt many years ago using a domestic machine for the entire process. It is a passion we still share. My least favorite part was pinning the quilt together.When I first saw a longarm - WOW- no more pinning plus all the amazing designs that could be done. I have wanted a longarm for such a long time but never imagined we could afford one. Then my mom bought an HQ Sixteen, so naturally I went to use hers (1 hour away). I loved that this machine is so light weight and easy to use. This only increased my desire for my own machine so that I could practice enough to learn to do it well. I started looking on the used market and decided it would be best to buy local rather than spend so much on shipping. One day I received and e-mail from a local quilt shop that there was an HQ Sixteen for sale. The machine was only about a year old and the owner was selling to upgrade to the HQ18 Avante. I was so excited when I came home from looking at the machine but still concerned about the money. My husband told me to call and tell the lady I wanted it that he was buying it for our anniversary (June 9th-31yrs). So on June 3rd we picked up my machine! I have quilted about a dozen quilts so far, most will be going to the Children's Hospital. It is so much fun and fast too! This has been a double blessing because not only did I get an awesome anniversary present but a new friend as well. It has been great getting to know the previous owner. I did have to call Technical Support one time and even though I had bought the machine used they were very helpful and dedicated to resolving the issue. This machine has taken my quilting to a whole new level. I am really excited about all the new things I am learning to do and the sky's the limit for what's to come! Thank you, Handi Quilter, for making a great machine affordable to the home quilter and for standing behind your product.

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