Krystyna Swirydczuk

Six months after delivery of the longarm

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Retiring from corporate life - what should I do? Sew? Crochet? Knit? I knew it had to be crafty. My ten-year old embroidery machine had seen better days, fixing the children's clothes, embroidering monograms on gifts, making the obligatory T-shirt quilt for high school graduation, and off course over a hundred Project Linus blankets (well how else was I going to figure out all the features on this high end machine?). My husband encouraged me to upgrade but when I looked around I fell in love with the computerized longarm! Delivery March 2009. I took advantage of our local Project Linus and offered to quilt all their unfinished tops. I started making more quilt tops to feed the wonderful beast. Over two hundred quilts later I felt I could call myself a quilter. I entered my first trapunto in a local quilt show - Judge's choice. My family now puts custom orders in for quilts for themselves and their friends. And they are fitted in between all the charity quilt work for which I originally bought that wonderful HQ Sixteen.

I own the following HQ machines:

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