Gari Lidh

Here I am, happy at quilting.

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I began machine quilting using the HQ frame for the domestic machine. Oh, how I loved being able to push the machine rather than the quilt. And this worked well enough but then Handiquilter came out with the HQ16 and my eyes lit up. With retirement looming on the near horizon I began to figure out how one could come to live with me. I used part of my retirement money to purchase my HQ16 and Portable Professional Frame and those giant boxes were waiting for me when I moved into my new house.
I have to say that once the machine was on the frame I was intimidated. I spent a couple of months just moving it around: no fabric, just moving the machine. Then one day I loaded my first quilt on it and started stitching. I can’t say it was terrific but I was so excited as I saw those patterns being created on a quilt I had pieced. And boy was I hooked.
My quilting has improved with time. I have now been quilting on my HQ16 for 4 years and love it even more than I did when I first started. Thanks HQ. Gari Lidh

I own the following HQ machines:

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