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I just purchased the HQ Sixteen! I am so excited. Let me tell you what led to this purchase, about the first quilt I quilted on it and my future plans. I've had the original HQ frame for several years. I was sold on this frame because of the simple yet amazingly effective carriage that effortlessly glides my machine around. I didn't have the handles and had to use the pedal on the floor to make it go and grip the actual machine to move it around. However the smooth movement allowed me to quilt beautifully. So when the opportunity arrived that I could invest more money into my quilting I jumped at the chance to buy the HQ Sixteen. When I got it home and set up I put a bed size quilt on it for my first quilt. I was confident the machine would help me create beautiful results and that I didn't need a practice piece. I was correct. The HQ Sixteen runs so smoothly over the rails. I love having handles on my machine. Now for the confession that indicates what my future holds. In preparation for bringing my HQ Sixteen home I cleaned out my studio making a list of all finished quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted. I had 50 bed size quilt tops!!! One done with my new machine and I am so excited to move onto the rest. I will be learning to use the stitch regulator, the laser for pantos and maybe with the additional space for quilting that the HQ Sixteen allows me try some feather wreaths! Thank you HQ!

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