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Quilting runs in my family. I was destined to be a quilter since my mother, her mother, my sister, and two aunts were quilters. But I thought I was only a hand quilter and destined to only make a few quilts each year for very special people and very special occasions.
Then, after I retired from 29 years in education as first a teacher and then a school counselor, I found myself leading a group at our church in making quilts for comfort for cancer patients, soldiers, and babies. We knew we had to get them machine quilted so we found a quilter with a professional machine who volunteered to quilt them as a reduced price but she lived 50 miles from us. Problems.
With such a handicap in getting our things completed, I decided to purchase my own machine. A friend in my quilting guild recommended a 9 inch bed machine and a wooden frame. I bought it and got started learning how to machine quilt. I was a slow learner and the frame was not cooperating since each time I rolled the quilt I had to march back and forth to loosen all the wheels and then tighten them. Each quilt I completed was a victory and also exhausting.
Then our family leased some of our land for oil drilling and I had enough money to buy the Handi Quilter I had heard so much about. A friend invited me to try out her HQ Sixteen and when I saw the ease of turning the quilt, I knew I had to have this beauty.
I went to the quilt show in Oklahoma City and tried several other machines, but kept returning to the Handi Quilter. I was definitely convinced that I was not making another mistake. I ordered the Handi Quilter from an online dealer and everything came on a truck. My husband was able to help me get it put together and I have loved my HQ Sixteen ever since.
My church group could not believe how quickly I was turning out completed quilts. We have been blessed to honor many of our members and friends with loving comfort quilts. We see how much the quilts mean to each recipient as their eyes tear up and they tell us thank you from the heart.
I have so little room in my sewing room that I can only quilt from the front of my machine so I have never learned to do pantograms, but I love making up designs for each creation and generally they add to the design.
My husband compliments my work as I just get better and better with my Handi Quilter. Thanks for making a machine I can truly say has been able to keep up with me and our quilting group!

I own the following HQ machines:

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