Kelle Hasenberg

Me and my new HQ Studio Frame boxes. The bed is out the the new machine is in.

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My HQ Story has me sleeping in the office, and I couldn’t be more excited! I bought my first sewing machine about 6 years ago, took some quilting classes and was hooked. Living in a townhome, I don’t have a lot of space or good lighting, so I set up my sewing space in the biggest room with the best natural lighting, the master bedroom.
I used a folding table for sewing on for about a year and decided it was time to get a stable sewing cabinet. So, a sewing machine cabinet was moved into the bedroom. As I gradually built up my fabric stash, I found myself running out of storage. I started squeezing fabric into dresser drawers. Before I knew it, my underwear and socks were out and fat quarters filled all four drawers. Next, in came a bookshelf which was quickly filled with acquired quilting patterns and books.
As my projects grew in size and quantity, my lower back would get sore while using a standard ironing board. I found a counter-top height workbench pattern, and built a new cutting table and ironing table. The tables were then moved into the bedroom, and wall lighting was installed above them. Shortly thereafter, I created a design wall to hang by my closet door. My pile of quilt tops grew, and I took some long-arm quilting classes at my local quilt shop. I did some quilting on the long-arm machine which they rented out, and indeed started thinking about owning one myself. It was becoming clear that the bed would have to go. After trying out the new HQ18 Avante at a quilt show in the spring of 2010, I returned home and searched for a local dealer. By mid-summer my machine was ordered.
Knowing that the machine was due to arrive in August, like an expectant mother, I started preparing the space for my new “baby”. It would only fit in one room. It was time to move the bed out, and into the office. Next, I painted the walls a fresh, lively color, and had the carpet shampooed. The HQ Studio Frame arrived on August 13 in three boxes, and my dealer will be coming at the end of the week to set up the frame and the head. So, here I sit in my office/bedroom typing my story. I gaze down the hallway to my new master “sewing room,” and think of the three big boxes in it, like a child waiting to open her presents. Just one more day...and my quilting adventures begin. Tonight, I will sleep the office.

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