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My journey with Handi Quilter has come full circle! I saw one of the first Handi Quilter frames demonstrated at the Minnesota Quilt Show in 2001 and was fascinated! I had quilted most of my quilts on my small home machine but having fibromyalgia, I knew how hard it was on my shoulders and neck. I was so excited to see that someone had a frame and that it could be used with your own machine that I purchased it right at the show! This was the beginning of my quilting machine story. I quilted many quilts on that frame, eventually wearing out my machine, and tweaking and upgrading different parts.
In the process, I saw a wooden frame and machine with a larger throat. This would let me do larger quilts, however we did not have room in our family room for it. When my husband saw it, he not only bought it, but remodeled our family room to accommodate it. Again, I learned more, quilted many quilts and enjoyed the process. However, on a trip, I fell and fractured bones in my left hand. On this frame, your left hand was used to run the machine, so it sat idle. I mentioned this at a quilting class I was teaching and a student offered to buy it.
I was now looking for another frame, pronto. I looked at Handi Quilter, but thought I should be practical and use the machine I already had, so I purchased another frame. Again, I learned more, quilted more, but always looked at the Handi Quilter whenever I saw them and dreamed.
Last year, I had looked and tried them out three times, but the cost and thought of asking my husband to put together another frame always stopped me. Then a friend called, saying she had just gotten a special on the HQ Sixteen. I was in the car the next day for the two-hour drive and became the excited owner of the HQ Sixteen and HQ Studio Frame!
I had come full circle!!! I started with Handi Quilter and was now back! I love it and there is so much more that I can do with it. I think having used the others, makes me really appreciate my HQ Sixteen. I love the larger quilting space, the regulated stitch, the sturdy frame, having a separate pole for the quilt to roll on, the adjustable height, larger bobbins, ability to do groovy boards, and I can go on and on. I am learning so much, quilting away and loving it! Thanks Handi Quilter!!!

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