Vicki Jensen

Our family photo taken with my daughter's graduation photos!

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My story began about 6 years ago. I began pinning my first big quilt on our pool table & my husband walked by wondering what I was doing. He asked, don’t they make machines for that? He took me down that day to see about getting a machine. (We all need and want a honey like this!) We ended up with a small frame you could put a home machine on, and I quilted that quilt, not without many problems, then I did a few more table runners, again with more problems. So, I returned to the store to complain, and of course they had just started selling the HQ Sixteens. You know the rest of the story. I tried the machine, fell in love, ordered mine & still love it. Now fast forward about 2 years, and you will see that it is being used a little more these days to make samples for my shop, yes, my wonderful husband has supported me too in purchasing a quilt shop. Now the only question is which machine to upgrade to, an HQ18 Avante, or an HQ24 Fusion?? Oh, honey……

I own the following HQ machines:

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