Jan Mott

Me with my new machine and my first quilt!

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My HQ Story
by Jan Mott
“I hate to quilt!” used to be my cry. I loved to create quilt tops but I dreaded when the time came to actually quilt the tops that I created. In my mind, quilting on my sewing machine was nothing short of a wrestling match and one in which I often walked away exhausted and less than pleased with the results. I resorted to sending my tops to be quilted by some very talented long arm and hand quilters but I personally felt like I cheated by not completing
the entire project myself. I think that the real tipping point for me came last year when I created a beautiful double wedding ring quilt for my daughter’s wedding. I sent the completed top to a quilter that I have worked with in the past and she did a wonderful job quilting the top and incorporating beautiful designs in the open spaces. The problem is that I felt that I should have been the one to complete the entire quilt for this special occasion. This is when I started my quest to purchase a long arm machine.
Over the last year I attended a number of quilt shows and tried all of the popular models on the market. I always came back to the HQ. No other machine handled as easily as the HQ machines. It just felt very comfortable to work with. I am by no means an expert machine quilter. In fact, I am easily a beginner but I am committed to developing my skills as a machine quilter and creating designs in thread to complement the quilt tops that I create. So, I decided to jump in with both feet and bought my new HQ18 Avante at the end of June!
I love it! The first thing I did was to load a bunch of muslin onto the machine and to start playing. Everyday I spend some time in on the machine trying to develop a new skill.
Well, I just finished my first quilt on the HQ for my oldest daughter. She has been patiently waiting for me to create a quilt for her and she has the honor of receiving my first quilt off of the HQ18 Avante. I could not believe how fast I was able to complete the quilt! You can see a bit of the quilt wrapped around my shoulders next to my new machine. I do have a bit of advice for those that may be somewhat unsure about purchasing a new HQ --- DON’T WAIT, DO IT NOW!!! My only regret is that I did not purchase this machine sooner. Happy quilting!
Jan Mott
Derwood, MD

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