Marilyn Stiller

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I started quilting right after the 911crisis as a way to keep my mind off the war as my youngest son was in the Navy at that time and we did not know if he would be deployed. My first quilt was quilted on my domestic machine.
A couple years later a friend built my best friend and me quilt frames for use with our domestic machines. Even though I had a small frame at home, I would always try out the HQ Sixteen when I went to my favorite sewing center. I dreamed about owning an HQ Sixteen for a couple of years.
New Years Eve day 2007, my husband and I spent the day trying out a couple of different brands of long arm quilt machines to see which one would be the best for me. Five days later I bought a used HQ Sixteen which my husband and I drove from Minnesota to Wichita, Kansas to pick up. My husband set the machine up when we returned home and I was busy practicing later that afternoon. Most of my quilting projects are for friends and family with the hopes of starting a business in the near future.
Five months later I purchased the Pro Stitcher for my HQ Sixteen and just a couple of months ago I added the Micro Handles to my machine after taking two classes with Nanc Christopherson from Handi Quilter. I love my machine and am proud to say that I machine quilted my projects myself and in much less time than before.
We just purchased a larger home last year so my machine now has its own room. We are still adding cabinets and lighting to make it brighter and soon my studio should be finished. My husband even shows off my machine to friends and relatives when they stop by.
I just recently went to my favorite sewing center with a friend and was checking out the new HQ18 Avante while my friend was buying herself a new sewing machine. When I returned home that evening I told my husband that I had been checking out the new machine and how impressed I was with it and his response was “what will it take to upgrade to the larger machine”. My dream now, is to own the HQ18 Avante in the near future.

I own the following HQ machines:

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