Joani Wright

HQ Sixteen Moment

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My HQ Story began in ~ 1999 when I took my adult daughter with me to the Quilt Expo in Puyallup, Washington. We stopped by to say hi to my quilting friend who was demonstrating the Handi Quilter frame. My daughter (the non-quilter) wanted to know if I had bought one, I hesitated and said “No they are $500 dollars”! I was thinking that was the end of the story. She, as normal, didn’t take no for an answer, then proceeded to take my purse from me while I was deep in conversation, and presenting my friend with my credit card, yes MY credit card, and said Mom wants one of these. It didn’t stop there, in 2005 I discovered the HQ Sixteen, I didn’t need my daughter to help me on upgrading, by that time I was hooked. As 2010 rolls to an end I am in the process of upgrading again to the HQ24 Fusion, need I say more?

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