Catherine Sprague

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I began shopping around for a long-arm quilting machine to purchase after saving for four years. The HQ Sixteen looked like everything I dreamed of. Because I am in a wheelchair due to Multiple Sclerosis and having diminished arm and trunk strength, I was not sure it would be right for me. C.E.O. Mark Hyland told me they would make it work for me and did they ever. They were willing and able to make adjustments for me, including the micro handles and adjustable HQ Studio Frame, without my even asking. I even got the bonus of a hug from Mark!! When I had a problem with the bobbin winder, Rita Glidden, my local representative who lives some two hours away, offered to drive down and let me use hers until the replacement came. Customer service goes above and beyond all expectations. They are as close to me as my telephone. I am able to operate my HQ Sixteen Long-Arm Machine from loading to quilting, completely by myself and have already quilted over thirty (30) quilts, from lap to king-size, and friends have quilted over ten (10) as well in less than a year. I have used all types of thread, from serger thread to button thread, with no trouble whatsoever. I am so impressed and proud of my HQ Sixteen because it is so user-friendly. I have invited anyone who comes near me (probably more than 80 individuals) including friends, neighbors, relatives, even total strangers to come try it out. My machine operates every time without fail, no matter who the operator is, from an 11-year old boy to my 88-year-old mother. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and a happy, contented nature. Quilting on my The HQ Sixteen has added so much to my quality of life. The cost of the The HQ Sixteen and Frame is miniscule compared to the happiness of quilting and sharing. My motto is: I have Multiple Sclerosis. Sew What!!! I am in a Wheel Chair. Sew What!! No matter what, I can sew!!!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen

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