Sue "Q" Johansen

My long awaited studio and Fusion

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After looking and wishing for about a decade, my dream came true thanks to my oldest daughter Sierra winning herself a full scholarship to college. Ten or so years ago when I really got into quilting, I was at a quilt show and tried out a few longarm machines. Because I used to fly helicopters I seemed to have a knack for flying the longarm and I loved it. Then and there I decided I would one day have my own. Over the next few years I would try out all the different machines at every show I went to. I loved the way the Handi Quilter glided and felt that it fit me BUT I wanted one that was larger. After playing on a HQ Sixteen at our local shop for an hour, one of the salesmen told me you were coming out with a 24" machine. I waited another year and when our daughter was awarded her scholarship, my husband and I knew it was my time to get a longarm. My existing sewing area was a 6' by 8' landing off of our bedroom and would never hold a 12 foot frame. We added a floor over the living room which had had an open ceiling and the machine was delivered before the finish on the floor dried. Sierra is leaving in less than a week for college and I know I will miss her, but every time I fly my HQ24 Fusion, I will be thinking of her.

I own the following HQ machines:

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