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Well, this is how it all happened.
Hubby: I'm thinking of doing a reverse mortgage.
Me: Why?
Hubby: Well, we should remodel the kitchen (no argument there - it was 40 years old!).........and, you'd like a longarm quilting machine.
Me: Gulp!!! You're right, dear! What a great idea!!
So, on our 43rd wedding anniversary, we headed up to Manchester, NH, to the Machine Quilters Expo. On the way, Paul said I should also buy the computer to go with whatever machine we end up choosing. I said, no way - I don't need that. He insisted that it would be a wise decision so I insisted that if we bought it, HE'D have to take the classes too. He agreed, so we have taken all the classes together.
We looked and looked at all the machines available and ended up choosing the HQ Sixteen with the HQ Studio Frame and the HQ Pro-Stitcher. Wow - what a feeling!!
We've had the machine now for 17 months (do we sound like new parents?) and we've learned more than we thought we would. We go to quilt shows and look at those beauties with new eyes! The quilting expertise is unbelievable!
We camp in Wells, Maine, from mid-May through mid-October so the longarm doesn't get used all that much in the Summer, but come Fall, those projects just keep showing up!....and before you know it, it's time for a new camping season. My sewing/embroidery machine goes to camp with me, so those quilt tops keep getting made.
We look forward to learning new things during the Winter months and are really happy with our choice of the HQ Sixteen!

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