Connie Kelsey

My 1st day with HQ Sixteen w/PS

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I was tricked into going to the Innovations Quilt Show thinking it would be a pleasant day looking at pretty quilts. I was sorely disappointed that the show was full of noisy, expensive longarm machines. I was bored to death but tried to act pleasantly interested as my sister looked at one machine after another. Finally I told her I’d meet her at the exit door in an hour, hid at the refreshment tables waiting for the minutes to tick away. Making my way to the door, I spotted a purple and white machine. It caught my eye just because of its color and didn’t look like I needed to be a rocket scientist to operate it. Much to my surprise it was half the price of the competitors. Yippee! Maybe there is something to this longarm craze.
During my research, I found that the HQ could do everything a ridiculously expensive competitor machine could do. I went about formulating a winning argument as to why I needed and how we could afford an HQ Sixteen. My husband is a practical man and fell like a stack of dominos, realizing we could save money by quilting my quilt tops, charity & valor quilt tops and maybe rent out the HQ by the hour. He wanted to save money so he built a table out of an antique 11’ 1880’s entry door. I enjoyed 3 years of free motion longarming bliss.
Years later, I thought it would be a good idea to do regular maintenance and heard there was a great guy in Riverside, CA that I could trust with my first born. What the heck, it was our 25th wedding anniversary, what better way to spend our special day?! Richard introduced us to the ProStitcher and even involved my husband by telling him to imagine the machine was a jigsaw and the fabric a piece of plywood. Once again, he crumbled.
We began, in earnest, our quilting business in November 2008. We have been very busy ever since that fateful day that the ProStitcher came into our lives. Gaining friends and experience, loving what I do and feeling successful. The HQ and PS make me feel clever and talented. Every day I have an opportunity that I didn’t have the day before. On top of all that, an income was welcomed.
But wait, don’t you remember, I have that zillion year old door for a table. I must make my husband see that I need the studio table. As we drove to The Road to California, I repeated over and over to him that ‘I just need the table, I just need the table’. I spent the day at the show and he was to join me an hour before the show was to close for the day. We missed connections and the good folks at the HQ booth sold him on a Fusion, before I even got there! Thank you, thank you, thank you HQ ! And it came with a fabulous table/frame. This persuasive argument was a slam dunk, the money to pay for this purchase would earn far more a month than the measly 2% interest we got from the saving account. Loading and quilting large quilts is now a breeze.
What a wonderful journey this has been. It is almost frightening to imagine what the good people at HQ will come up with next. Hmmm, we leave for Innovations in two weeks…. Connie

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