Velma Nile

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HQ Story 2010 by Velma Nile
The problem: She had an HQ Sixteen and no place to set it up; I had apace in the upstairs barn loft but no machine. Solution: put your machine in my barn loft and I’ll learn to use it. So began my story.
I had a year of quilting under my belt, had paid to have three quilts quilted and had a burning desire to try my hand at long arm. My friend Janette had been given a new HQ Sixteen by her mother who at 90 years of age had purchased it and was overwhelmed at trying to operate it so gave it to her daughter who had no place to operate it. So a perfect solution for us both was what happened.
I spent several months watching the videos and practicing and eventually began in earnest to do the quilts I was producing. The results have been wonderful and packed with fun and a good dose of frustration and humility. .
It’s been two years since I started with the videos and as I happily move into my 80’s I envision many more quilts for myself and my friend. I truly am in love with the HQ Sixteen.
The picture with me and the HQ includes a wall hanging I did that won a red ribbon at the Siskiyou County Fair.
Velma Nile
August 2010

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