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In 2009 I walked into the Machine Quilter’s Showcase (MQS) determined to buy a long-arm quilting machine. I had created traditional and contemporary quilts for years and wanted to add art quilts into my repertoire. My long time machine quilter is also my best friend. I knew it added stress to her job when I gave her explicit quilting instructions, and occasionally sketches, along with my machine quilting order. Plus, I wanted the flexibility of changing my mind when what I thought would be the perfect quilting didn’t enhance the quilt after all.
I had researched long arm machines at another quilt show and knew the brand that I wanted to buy. But in all fairness I was going to test drive the others one more time. When I walked into the MQS door, I stumbled upon my friend. She was working the show so we had no definite plans to meet. She said “I know the long arm machine that you were planning to buy, but you HAVE to try the HQ24 Fusion. I decided to try it first so I could compare it to “my” machine. The Fusion was easy to handle, easy to understand, affordable – and I wanted it. I test drove all of the machines and then went home to think. I was afraid to order at the show because I didn’t want to make an emotional decision. The next week I went to my local HQ dealer and ordered the Fusion.
I started practicing on my new Fusion, loaded my first quilt onto the machine, but couldn’t go forward. I put my plans on hold to take care of my husband, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now that he has gone, I’m ready to get back into the quilting world - and my Fusion has been patiently waiting.

I own the following HQ machines:

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