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Quilting on my HQ

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When I was just a mere 10 year old, I made my first article of
clothing; a straight skirt and have loved to sew ever since. 
When I married and had a family I made clothes for my children as well as home decor.  Every time I made something it gave me a sense of accomplishment.
Even though I sewed and made clothes and home decor, I had never made a quilt.  In 2007 my daughter-in-law was making a quilt for her grandson (my great grandson) she laid her quilt blocks out and asked for my advice and low and behold I knew I wanted to make quilts too.  I have been an addicted quilter since that day.
I joined the local Quilter’s Guild and have taken numerous classes and attended a number of shows.  I subscribe to many quilter magazines and I watch online videos, take classes and read all the information I can find on quilting. I am always striving to learn anything pertaining to quilting. 
After struggling with trying to push and pull my quilts on a sewing machine I began to think about a longarm machine.  And think I did, as well as attend quilt shows and shops that were dealers for different makes of longarm machines in order to get a feel for what was out there and what I wanted.  As well as checking all I could find on the internet pertaining to longarm machines.  And giving little subtle hints to my husband that I would like to have a longarm.
Finally in 2009 after all our research, and my husband getting the hints, our decision to purchase the HQ Sixteen was made and my husband encouraged me to purchase the HQ Pro-Stitcher, we bought the package and we have never regretted that decision.
 We purchased the HQ because of the clean look, ease of operation, low maintenance, HQ ‘s reputation and because the price was reasonable compared to other machines. I didn’t know anyone that owned an HQ, but I read nothing but positive remarks on the HQ forums and blogs.
Since purchasing my machine in May 2009, I have quilted forty- five quilts, 
numerous quilts for Project Linus, Hospice and Quilts of Valor along with
several customer quilts.  I don’t like it when I don’t have a quilt loaded on my HQ , I have to have something loaded to quilt or I get withdrawals, can you tell I love my HQ.   I enjoy piecing tops together, but the greatest joy is when I quilt them.  You can piece tops but not until it’s quilted does the top really come together, it’s the quilting makes the quilt!
I really enjoy showing off my HQ and all the wonderful things it can do when friends and family come to visit.
My HQ makes it so easy to turn out beautiful quilts in a short amount of time.  Needless to say, what a good feeling I have when doing quilts for those in need, another feeling of accomplishment.  Without my HQ I would never have been able to finish forty- five quilts in such a short amount of time .
I am currently working on my first quilt to enter in the local quilt show. Hopefully, my quilts will leave a legacy when I am gone. My husband has enjoyed watching me quilt on my HQ so much, he has
done numerous videos and put them out on YouTube; sandenbest.
I am retired, married and have six boys, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I own the HQ Sixteen with the HQPro-Stitcher and love them both.

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