Jill Burkey

Me and My Fusion

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Just as I was prepared to order my HQ24 Fusion, I tripped at work and broke my finger and injured my hand. My right hand! After many x-rays, it was decided I needed surgery. I had my arm in a cast from my elbow to the tips of my fingers. Now what! What about my new Handi Quilter!
I had spent months researching on the internet, visiting shops, reading literature and watching demos. The Handi Quilter had the features I liked best and I liked the fact my local shop owner would be there to guide me through the set up and learning process.
I was within two months of an early retirement and I wanted that HQ24 Fusion. I took a leap of faith, jumped right in and ordered the machine. I was determined to continue with my plans. My HQ24 Fusion arrived while my arm was still in the cast. I started opening the boxes and sorting out the parts and single handedly (literally) assembling the table. And, all the rest is history!
I love my HQ24 Fusion!

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