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Born to Quilt!!

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My HQ Story

My love for quilting began with my friend wanting me to take an introductory course in machine quilting. I do several crafts, but had never been much interested in machine quilting. Well it opened up a whole new realm of creativity. While looking at a quilting book l saw a photo of an HQ Sixteen. I thought, that this looked interesting and something that l would like. So l started researching who might carry this machine that was close by and l found a dealer an hour away.
I gave them a call and asked if they had one set up for me to see and they were more than helpful. So off l jumped in my car with map quest in hand for directions. It was love at first sight. They put out some pantographs for me and let me play. It was smooth and since l can only draw stick people, l was amazed that l was making swirls and curls with no effort at all. I thanked them for their time and went home. I then got on the Handi Quilter website and went through each area with a fine tooth comb. I sent away for their free dvd on the HQ Sixteen and when it arrived l watched it over and over again.
I knew that l would not be able to afford the HQ Sixteen with stitch regulator so l purchased the Simply 16. I had made several quilts on my baby and love the smoothness of it.
Recently , July 2010 l upgraded to the stitch regulator. I did the upgrade myself and it was simple to do. That is one reason l purchased the HQ is because it gave you the option to upgrade at a later date without purchasing a whole new machine.
Words cannot express how much l enjoy my HQ Sixteen. I spend a great deal of time practicing my techniques and want to get them down perfectly before l quilt. I am always in disbelief that l did this when l take it off and look at it.
I am hoping to spend more time quilting in then future than working!!
Colleen McKay
Burlington Ontario

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