Elsie Saar

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I always loved quilts so in 1979 I took a 6-week class. That first quilt was all hand stitched, used sand paper patterns; and each square was traced separately. I still have that quilt but sadly, some of the fabric has disintegrated. I made some hand-quilted and tied quilts before taking a hiatus for several years to go back to college.
I returned to quilting in 2003 when a friend stated she was making a Dear Jane quilt. Oh, how interesting. I’ll make one, too. Now I was re-addicted to quilting but everything had changed. I had to learn paper piecing, rotary cutting, new tools and techniques, etc. I drove the internet Dear Jane list crazy with my questions. Thinking I’d never get done, I made a pact with myself to do one square every day, finished the top and hand quilted it in 9 months.
I like hand quilting but it is too slow for me. Also, I am one of those people who want to complete the quilting process myself but I could not see myself pushing a queen-sized quilt through the bed of a domestic machine. I purchased a frame I could use an old Singer sewing machine on and tried that. Ok, that was better, but I had no speed control and when that Singer took off, I had to move it around the quilt like a house on fire. Must say that the large meandering was done in no time at all and was I thrilled! But the handles hurt and the lack of control was getting to me. So I looked around the internet some more and found the HQ Sixteen. I was excited. This would be a big purchase for little me. Went to the dealer’s and put my order in for an HQ Sixteen. The dealer gave me a red-heart key chain and I put that little thing in my pocket and carried it there until my machine came. Every time I put my hand in my pocket, I could feel that red heart and smile all over. After receiving my machine and my training, I looked at the machine about 2 weeks before I got the nerve to turn it on. Slowly I got braver and did some quilting. I added the stitch regulator, learned to love custom quilting and ruler work. I won a couple of ribbons at our local show, I’m a real quilter now!! After seeing the HQ18 Avante and HQ Pro-Stitcher at the shows, I wanted one but could not justify having one for several quilts a year. I love my HQ Sixteen and would have it forever and remain happy.
It’s enabled me to finish quilts for gifts, donation quilts for our guild, and several Downey Quilts for Kids.
This year for my birthday, my dear husband surprised me with a new HQ18 Avante and a HQ Pro-Stitcher! I couldn’t breathe. I was able to sell my beloved HQ Sixteen to a fellow guild member who is thrilled to death she will be able to get her 25 tops done. I’m learning how to use my new equipment, and I’m so happy with my set up and just loving the results. I’m a very lucky person.

I own the following HQ machines:

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