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My HQ story is loosely connected to fluctuations in the stock market. A little over a year ago I attended the MQX show in New Hampshire. I was in awe of all the beautiful quilts and the great shopping vendors. I stopped by the Handi Quilter site, tried all the machines and was hooked.
My pocketbook at the time, only allowed me to purchase the Simply Sixteen machine. This was a great entry level machine. I joined the online Handi Quilter forum, and after reading and learning from all the HQ owners out there, I decided I needed to have stitch regulation. I was about to purchase the Simply 16 upgrade package, when I heard a rumor that Handi Quilter was about to come out with a new 18 inch, HQ18 Avante, with exciting new stitch regulator features and more.
How could I get my hands on one?! I decided to sell my nice Simply Sixteen after only 8 short months, and then pay close attention to the stock market. I had some IRA/401k savings in there, that fluctuated by several thousands of dollars every month, depending on the hype of the times. I waited patiently and checked every day for an upswing. When it finally happened, I acted quickly, and took the money out to buy my HQ18 Avante. Smart Me, no penalties either.
I put that money away until the 2010 MQX show and made my purchase. I am such a happy quilter now. I love, love, love my new machine.
The picture I enclosed is me, with my new HQ18 Avante, in my new sewing room, with a king size quilt top that I made 10 years ago, put it away out of frustration with the size of it, and now finally completed it.

I own the following HQ machines:

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