Joyce Schmidt

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My sister and I had the same
quilting teacher, our mother.  She would take old clothes and cut them
into pieces and make quilts.  We grew up on a farm and if you did not make
quilts, you only had a pot belly stove to keep you warm.
As we grew older our love of
quilting grew with us.  We would make our quilts out of cottons that were
purchased at the store.  They were better looking than the ones we slept
under so they were put on top.  Then we came to the big city and began to
cross stitch pre-printed block.  We though we were the
best  quilters ever.
As we got older, we discovered
that there were a lot of quilters that were so much better than us.  This
came to light when we went to out first quilt festival.  It was
amazing and eye opening.
We decided that we could produce
much better looking quilts if we had a longarm of our own so we decided to go
in halvies on a Handi Quilter.  This was a great ideal except for one
thing.  I live close to St. Louis MO and Sis lives close to Houston
TX.  She doesn't have any placed to set one up and I have a full basement
at my home. Guess who got to use the Handi Quilter????  Sis sends me her
tops and I quilt them and send them back.
We love our Handi Quilter and our
quilts are looking better has the years go by.
My sister is over 70 and I am
over 60 and we will be quilting until we both are over 100, I hope.

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