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I'm obsessed! I'm completely obsessed with my wonderful HQ24 Fusion. I had been lusting after a long-arm, but wasn't sure if I could afford one or where I would put it. I'd tried them out at quilt shows, but nothing really clicked. Then I tried the Fusion at the Fiber Arts Fiesta in Albuquerque. It was love at first sight! Luckily my quilting buddy, Margaret was with me and she also fell in love with it. We decided to go in together on the purchase, and our Fusion resides at her house. Well, I have practically moved in! We quilt on it almost every day. It's been over a year now and I am just as crazy about my HQ24 Fusion as I was in the beginning. But I'm a lot better at using it now. I love that it is so well built, that it's made in the USA, and that we have local service. It's the best!

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