Cami Brzycki

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OH MY GOSH! There it was. Just as we are making the rounds at the guild quilt show, there was the HQ Sixteen Sit-down machine. Did I want to try it? You bet I did. I had seen this type of machine in the magazines, but never in person. I knew I could never get a full blown stand up quilting machine- I didn’t have the room, BUT this one with a 36 inch table, OH YES this could work.
I sat down to try it, as my friends continued to move around the corner, but quickly stopped. The demonstrator showed me how to go about moving the “little” piece of material around. OK, that ‘s fine, but how about a larger quilt. I had just finished a baby quilt on my sewing machine and tugging and pushing the quilt in and out of the small space made me want something like this all the more.
THIS was great, even if it was just a small quilt sample to try out on the machine. I had space on both sides of the machine and the 16” depth was great for being able to really move a quilt around easy. BUT wait, I can’t just jump into this. Although I am not a patient person, I needed to think this out.
Two trips to HQ dealers and now the big expo was coming up. Had to go and try ALL the machines to make sure this was the right one. After trying all the other sit down machines, I knew this HQ was the one I had to get. I really like the idea that the machine goes deep and not sideways.
Days later, after measuring the space in the computer room, moving out the day bed, rearranging my husband’s “cave” and ordering another small computer side table, I did it. I ordered it and when it arrived, it was up in a flash.
A couple reviews of the video and I was almost ready to try it out. I finally got the nerve to do it and after much practice on small pieces, I did my first baby quilt on it. It turned out great! I bought the rulers that were recommended by other users of long arms and I am working at becoming proficient in all the various patterns.
I never had any problems with the set up, tensions, bobbin machine or anything and look forward to a long lasting relationship with this sit down system – until I can find the room for the full long arm.

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