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Marla Marx

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Quilting has always been a family tradition. My great-grandmothers, grandmothers were and my mom is a quilter.
I started piece quilting in early 2000 and started thinking about a long-arm. In April of 2007, I attended a quilt show and was convinced I “needed” a long-arm quilting machine. In fact, I told my boyfriend I wanted to buy one. Saying he didn’t know much about quilting machines, he asked how much one would cost. I estimated about $8,000. He, of course, thought that seemed expensive and stated “you would need to use it every day to get your monies worth out of it”. I quickly reminded him that I knew someone who had just spent $40,000 on a fishing boat. It would be parked in storage from October to March. I could actually “use” a quilting machine every day!
I started saving my money. I had hoped to buy an HQ Sixteen after the first of the year, hoping my tax return would give me the extra funds I needed. But it wasn’t meant to be. The company I worked for laid off 150 people. So instead of buying a quilting machine, I used the money to make house payments and day-to-day expenditures for the six months while I was job hunting and working 4-6 part-time jobs.
Fast forward July 2010. I found a used HQ Sixteen for sale and worked it into my budget. I am continuing the family tradition! My 15-year old niece used my HQ Sixteen to quilt her wall hanging quilt for 4-H Quilt Quest. In true 4-H tradition, she quilted it the night before judging and hand sewed the binding on her way to the fair. This is the fourth year in a row her 4-H quilt will be competing at the State Fair. Three of those four years she used either a HQ Sixteen or HQ24 Fusion to complete her projects.

I own the following HQ machines:

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