Marian McCann

Mom Geneil Anderson and me with floral quilt she pieced and I quilted

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I am the kind of person who makes decisions quickly, so when I decided I wanted a long arm quilting machine, there was never any doubt about which one I wanted. I had seen a demonstration model at my favorite fabric store and I was so sure I wanted the HQ Sixteen, I registered for classes at HMQS to learn everything I could so I would be ready to get to work when I had one in my home. I ordered my machine at the quilt show, called my husband to tell him I had gone ahead with the purchase and all he wanted to know was where I was planning to put the machine and table. I had already figured that out, too. I could dry wall and complete the unfinished room in our basement and make a quilting studio! I enlisted the help of a friend and he and I framed, sheet rocked, plastered and painted while I was waiting for the delivery of my wonderful new toy.
As soon as I had everything in order, I started to quilt. My mom had a big stack of quilt tops that she had been piecing for each of her grandchildren and sent a bunch to me and said I could do them any way I wanted. I just love to do free motion quilting and enjoy the easy movement of the HQ Sixteen. Anything I can imagine I can create on the fabric. I have learned that I can “draw” much better with my machine than I ever could on paper! One of the first quilts I finished was covered in pine trees and I have quilted all kinds of custom patterns, like flowers, bugs and fruit, cowboy motifs, nursery rhymes and paper dolls in borders and spooky designs on Halloween quilts. My quilting business is called “Queenbee Quilting”, so I always include a bee somewhere in the design.
However, my very favorite thing about my HQ Sixteen is how easy it is to mount and finish a quilt quickly. I love to have the freedom to put a cozy blanket together in an afternoon to give to someone who needs a “hug”.

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