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I will start right out by admitting it – I have not been sewing and quilting all my life and have no close relative that introduced me to the wonderful world of quilters. Here is how my passion started---
After a particularly hard time in my life, my husband suggested I take up a hobby. I had an old sewing machine and we went shopping to see about trading it in for something new to start my ‘new’ hobby. Sewing what – I had no idea. I came across a shop that had sewing machines AND sewing machines that embroidered. Wow! I thought. That would be fun. So I started taking classes on machine embroidery. It was only a year later that we moved to Las Vegas from Chicago dreaming of retiring. I missed my buddies from the sewing store and the embroidery classes I attended regularly.
One day while driving, my husband spotted a sign, “Uncommon Threads,” and pulled in. Little did I know that turn would change my life. It was a fabric shop for quilters. Oh, I don’t do that, I said. The kind ladies in the shop ignored me and started pulling fabric from stacks all over the store. Just put this together, cut a few squares and you’re on your way, they said. Come back Saturday and join us, they said.
Well, a few shop hops later, I was hooked in a big way. I started with a few wall hangings that I could easily quilt on my sewing machine. Later as I improved, I started to do larger pieces. Now what do I do? Well, I can send it out to a “quilter” to finish. MY quilt! Someone else work on MY quilt? My husband and I put our heads together and figured a way to stretch the budget; he researched machines and we thought we found a nice mid-size machine and table. Months and tears later we returned the machine and I was back to my quandary.
But we didn’t give up. We found an ad for a Handi Quilter dealer in our part of town. The people were friendly, the machine and table looked sturdy and they offered a lot of support and service. The idea of local service was a big factor in our decision.
A young man from the store delivered the machine and table and proceeded to unpack and set it up. He wouldn’t let us do a thing. As he worked he started explaining the different parts and how to work them. When he was done, he took time to do a demonstration and then turned it over to me. He did not leave until I felt comfortable running the Handi Quilter.
Now a couple of years later, I cannot say enough about the Handi Quilter machine and table. I have not had to make lots of fussy adjustments, a few drops of oil once in a while and that is all. I turn on the machine and go! For someone with little experience like me, it is such a joy to be able to produce beautiful quilts practically from day one. I have a lot to learn and practice but my Handi Quilter makes it possible for me to concentrate on my work, not worry about the machine acting up. Bobbin replacement is handy and easy to reach. Changing thread is simple. My only complaint is I do not have enough time to do everything I would like. Being in a professional class, learning with other “handi quilters” would truly be a dream come-true.

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