Linda Sackin

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I was meant to own a Handi Quilter. I am a 73 year young, sunny California girl. I have sewn since I was 12 years old and have been quilting for over 30 years. I tried hand quilting but found it too slow and tedious for me. I sent a lot of my quilts to the mid-west for hand quilting.
Longarm quilting became increasing popular in my area so I started taking my quilts to them. I was intrigued with the longarm machines but was afraid they were too complicated for me and too expensive.
I had reached a level of quilting where I wanted all the work to be mine. I researched some of the long arms available and had about decided on the HQ Sixteen. A friend in Florida had purchased one first.
I found a used APQS Ultima2 from a private party cheap so I bought it in 2005 (no stitch regulator). Perfect for a start. I discovered quickly it had many limitations and service was half way across the country. I then decided to look for a more advanced machine.
My local Bernina dealer became a dealer tor Hand Quilter and showed me the HQ Pro-Stitcher. I remembered my friend in Florida with the HQ Sixteen had given her machine to another friend in California who was not using it. She graciously gave it to me. I took it immediately to Scott Noble at Sew Vac Ltd. for service and to install the HQ Pro-Stitcher for me. He then delivered it to my house and set it up for me. I began learning how to use the HQ Pro-Stitcher and loved it. So easy, I am not very computer literate but I managed quite well with support. I loved it and had none of the problems I had with my other longarm, however, I missed the longer throat.
Then the HQ24 Fusion appeared. I knew I had to have one! The price was amazing compared to others in my area ie the Gammil. I immediately sold my HQ Sixteen to another friend and took delivery of my wonderful HQ24 Fusion with HQ Pro-Stitcher. I am thrilled with everything about it. It was meant to be and I have Scott Noble at SewVac Ltd. to thank for becoming a dealer and backup help and service. The sky’s the limit.
I hope I am chosen. Sincerely, Linda Sackin

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