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Janie and HQ18 Avante

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As a little girl, I used to watch Mama sew on her Domestic sewing machine and was fascinated by the needle going up and down, making perfect stitches to the hum of the motor. Many years later and a few machines of my own, I am still amazed at the things the needle and bobbin can do! I have been quilting for some time now and I love every bit of the piecing process but dread the quilting part. I have my share of unquilted tops sitting on the shelf waiting their turn to be sandwiched, quilted and cuddled. I’ve seen the magazine ads for long-arm quilting machines and have been convinced that one would complete my otherwise perfect quilt studio. My husband is very supportive of my hobby and agreed that I needed a long-arm machine. He is in the Air Force Reserve and is getting deployed to Afghanistan next week. He thought the Handi Quilter would be a good distraction for me while he is away. I ordered the HQ18 Avante and watched the educational DVDs while it was being shipped. The videos are great and I am anxious to stitch out a pantograph and am deciding on which groovy board to get...oh the possibilities! I honestly believe that my husband is more excited about the machine than I am! We are so impressed with the features and ease of use. I have had it for just over a week now and am having a blast with my first doodle/practice quilt. I love the touch screen monitor, the ease of loading the quilt and the best part of all; the stitch regulator. It’s amazing and my machine fascination continues. I can’t wait to see what I can do with this great machine! I intend to welcome my husband back home with a house of quilts!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ18 Avante

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