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Hi my name is Cindy Ellmaker, and I have had my HQ18 Avante’ for a few months now. But believe me it took me several years to convince my husband. Every now and then I would throw a hint or just downright say I wanted one. And I looked at them for a long time- just ask Sandy from Creative Stitches in Helena MT. Well earlier this year we were talking over breakfast on a Saturday morning. I mentioned I had several quilts that need to be quilted –but it sure would be nice to have my own machine because I am having trouble getting together with Betty so I could quilt. He asks me “how much it would cost to have someone else do them?” I said “Oh I’m probably looking at $100-$150. But well -Betty won’t charge me if I do it myself. I have six quilts I want to do”. He then says- mind you I am eating breakfast “Well we could put it downstairs against the far wall”. I’m thinking yeah right. It was really quiet then- I guess he was waiting for a reply because he was just looking at me. When I finally look at him a few seconds later he had this glint in his eye. “Are you serious?!” I ask. I am speechless! He was serious. I started jumping up and down and whooping! So we went up to Helena and after doing a little shopping we went over to the Shop. Believe it or not they were closed for the weekend for a retreat! My husband looked at me and smiles. I said I’ll be back Monday to get it. I was -bright and early. In fact I was the first customer in the store. And Cheryl took one look at me and said “You’re getting your HQ aren’t you?” I asked some questions, got the paperwork, went to my husband’s work and said “sign here” with a big smile, and we went back after work and ordered my Avante’. While we waited for its arrival we remodeled the basement into a sewing room for me and my second love: Quilting. And Peace Valley Quilts & More LLC was born.

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