Ida Tyson Blankenship

Ida with the latest HQ quilt

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Now I giggle when I’m quilting !
It’s so much fun!
I am loving my HQ Sixteen with HQ Pro-Stitcher.

I am really not a giggler. Sophistication and elegance have always been my style. How did I get to this point? It’s quite a story. I’ve been machine quilting for many years (seems like forever,) doing well with freehand stitching, teaching hundreds of students. I have won awards in shows for quilts and garments.
I’ve been working with a local shop for more than 12 years, teaching garment sewing, machine embroidery, and machine quilting skills.
When the shop became a Handi Quilter dealer, I didn’t pay much attention……….I was happy with what I was doing, so I walked by the
Handi Quilters at the front of the store for several years.
Last year, in April of 2009, I finally really noticed the HQ Pro-Stitcher. It was pretty neat – it stitched quilting patterns similarly to the embroidery designs I was familiar with. I was impressed, but still had no interest in having one.
Later that summer I was finishing several projects; they were machine quilted well, but I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of my freehand stitching. I realized the way to make them better and more precise was with a computer controlled quilter.
Voile^ The HQ Pro-Stitcher became the answer. The HQ Sixteen with HQ Pro-Stitcher seemed to meet my needs and wishes……apparently I had been paying more attention than I thought. So in October, after some renovation to my studio, the new machine was in place,…..I was beginning the new chapter in my quilting story.
Now I’m enjoying quilting the tops that had been collecting on my shelves plus some new ones I have made just to try out the PS!
The lovely projects are being quilted as I stand back and giggle.
It is inspiring to see the wonderful stitching on my quilts!
How did I know that in my quest for precision I would be come a giggler !!

Ida Tyson Blankenship

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