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The sun had just came up. It was the first Saturday in June and was the beginning of a beautiful day. Nice and warm however, still had a hint of late spring coolness in the air. The was the day I had long awaited. It was the day that I was to bring home Hailey May. I usually had to play Mom's taxi for my fifteen year old girl and boy twins. Fortunately for me softball season for my daughter had just ended which gave her the next couple of weeks off because All-stars were not beginning yet. Summer hockey for my son was not going to start until the end of the month so this would give me all weekend to spend with Hailey as I did not have to be Mom the taxi this weekend. I only had every other weekend off as it was and worked many overtime shifts as a nurse in the past few months to save up enough money to finally bring Hailey May home.
I left my house that morning early enough to give myself plenty of time to get to the shop in nearby Massachusetts when it opened it's doors. I notified them earlier in the week that I would be picking her up. Kathy the shop owner said there was one last stipulation and that was I had to give her a name before she could leave the shop. A name I thought, what could I possibly name her. It then came to me... my oldest daughter was due June 25th with my first grandchild, a girl. She and her husband wanted to name her Hailey after my Grandmother who everyone loved dearly, as that had been her maiden name. Unfortunately, they had decided on another name that week because their yellow lab was called Bailey and thought it would be too confusing for everyone in their home, for the name was much to close. I chose the name admirably, Hailey for my beloved grandmother and May, as in may I always love to use my Hailey May.
As I drove along that picture perfect day in June I reflected back on the years with my grandmother and the love I had for her. It made me also remember the first class in quilting I had taken in high school in my junior year as an Home Economics elective, the first time using a sewing machine and all the mistakes I made, how far I had come, the many quilts I had make, far too many to ever count. Quilts for the many people in my life in which I have loved and those quilts that I have made for charity and donated to other, so that it would give them love. With the name Hailey May how could I go wrong, all the research I had done prior to choosing my HQ Sixteen machine. With my growing family I needed to save time, I no longer had time to hand quilt and it was also time consuming to try and quilt on my regular sewing machine, trying to fold and re-roll for different sections of the quilt. I had picked HQ Sixteen for it's seemingly easy to learn, for it's many options available, Price range, the way it appeared not like others I had seen all strung onto boards with Velcro. I liked the home website for Handi Quilter. It impressed me with the educational part of it with demonstrations on most everything from threading a needle to using rulers with a base. I right at home when using my HQ Sixteen machine the first time in the quilt store for I had been given training for a couple of hours. I felt like I did not need a technical degree to use it like other quilt machines I had seen, with their many wheels to fine tune and computers to program. Additional classes were also offered for a minimal fee once per month on various topics, and would answer any questions that I might encounter.
I chose my HQ Sixteen for all of it's wonderful features from lighting to stitch regulator that was built in. The style for the groovy boards, the laser for the pantographs, the quilting space, the ability to work the front or back of the machine depending on which technique was selected. I gave me great pleasure in knowing that I could someday upgrade and purchase the HQ Pro-Stitcher that is also available. I ordered all the options that were available, and put my name on the waiting list for the micro handles that had just come out and were not quite available at time of purchase. The Quiltable Table by Handi Quilter was also selected by me because I liked the option to set it up for a king size quilt. My husband had set it all up for me that weekend. I had the room so I asked him to set up for the king size and it is still that way today.
It has been a little over two years since that memorable day in June and it seems like yesterday. My 2 year old granddaughter Emily (Born June 26, 2008) now has a baby sister who is now nine months old. I have quilted many quilts on Hailey May and still love to quilt on her. I can now reflect back and see the mistakes I have made and learn by them. I know I have many more quilts to make and quilt on her, for the many people in my life that I love and also to the others who are not as fortunate that the quilts are made for that will be loved dearly by that person.

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